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Normally, we would be gearing up to see some of the best a cappella groups in the area perform in a two day extravaganza. This year will be a little different, but as the saying goes -


The Show Must Go On!

Every day during the month of April, we will be featuring virtual performances from the groups you have come to know and love over the years as well as some groups that are new to our a cappella community.

Performances will be released every day. Don't miss a beat and make sure you are following us on your favorite social media platforms. 

April 1st

We are thrilled to kickoff ACAPocalypse2021 with a performance by The Crescendos from Chelmsford High School.


April 2nd

Our second performance of acapocalypse2021 is from The Thursdays from Chelmsford High School. Enjoy !!!


April 3rd


It is our pleasure to bring you The NSHS Newtones, a student-run co-ed a cappella group from Newton South High School in MA. This performance earned them 3rd Place in the ICHSA Northeast Quarterfinal 2 and earned Eva Pearlman ('21) recognition for Qutstanding Choreography and Outstanding Videography. Enjoy!

April 4th

For acapocalypse2021 Sentimental Sundays we bring you featured or headlining groups from previous ACA-Pocalypse shows. Tonight we bring you

Sons of Pitches from the College of the Holy Cross featuring CHS alumni Landon Cass. Enjoy their performance of "What Goes Around Comes Around" from ACA-Pocalypse 2018.

April 5th

Saugus High School's first and only a cappella group, the Saugus Sachimes

have been a constant on the a cappella scene since they were founded in 2016. This is their quarterfinal performance of "Blue" for ICHSA 2021. Enjoy this performance and then follow them on Facebook to stay informed of what they have going on (Right now they are selling frozen cookie dough - shipped directly to you - for a limited time.) Enjoy! 

April 6th


One of the great things about ACA-Pocalypse is the opportunity to highlight newer a cappella groups in our community and #acapocalypse 2021 is no different. This is Hannah Fuller’s (CHS 21) first arrangement, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to it. After throwing herself into the arrangement the drumline came to her first as it was one of the things that drew her to the song. Hannah shared that “Simply being involved in the music department and going to a fair amount of a cappella workshops and performances, I picked up a lot of stuff, but this was the first time I’d actually taken that knowledge and applied it. Thank you for taking the time to listen to my stuff. Creating it was really fun. Hope you enjoy!”

Thank you Hannah for sharing this with us … we definitely enjoyed it and look forward to everyone enjoying your performance of “Believer.”

April 7th


It's Alumni Wednesday !!!! Tonight we feature

Husky Hungama, the University of Connecticut's award winning South Asian Fusion a cappella team! The team consists of a four-part a cappella group and percussion that fuses Western music with traditional and modern South Asian music.

The Crescendos

alumni Juhi Lalwani (CHS '20) joined Husky Hungama in the fall of 2020. Enjoy!!

April 8th

PNHS Northern Lights

is a co-ed a cappella group from Plymouth North High School. Tonight's #acapocalypse2021 performance is from the 2021 ICHSA quarterfinals. After you enjoy this wonderful arrangement of "Adore You" it will come as no surpise that they advanced through the quarterfinals and will be competing this Saturday in the ICHSA seminals

April 10th

For their #acapocalypse2021 arrangement of “Stay With Me,”

The Thursdays members Danny Sousa and Josh Timmins were inspired by the works of Street Corner Symphony and Kevin Olusola.

Josh had this to say about their creative process: "Our arrangement is very eclectic because we made it up as we went along. We didn’t write any of it down; we just went for it. We wanted a more traditional music video style rather than faces in boxes (since there are only two of us) and wanted an outdoorsy urban-ish vibe, so we went to the mills in Vinal Square."

Enjoy !!

April 9th

Established in 2003, The Jewel Tones is the only co-ed, faculty-directed a cappella group at Marblehead HS. A fixture on the competition scene, participating in ICHSA and NE Voices, they are instantly recognizable when they take the stage in their jewel-toned neck ties. Enjoy their performance of “The Emotion” from the 2021 ICHSA Northeast Quarterfinals. We are fortunate to share it with you for #acapocalypse2021.

April 11th

Not Too Sharp

an all male a cappella group from the University of New Hampshire joined us as a featured performer at ACA-Pocalypse 2018. Begun in 2002, the group performs live on the UNH campus, at other colleges, and for fundraisers, shows, businesses, and private parties in the New Hampshire community.

For #acapocalypse2021 Sentimental Sunday, please enjoy a more recent performance of "Don't Ya" by Not Too Sharp and Chelmsford HS and

The Thursdays

alumni ('17) Nathan Sullivan.

April 12th

Tonight's #acapocalypse2021 featured group

Voices Of Steel

is Wakefield High School's co-ed a Cappella group. VoS is a student led group that loves making music together. You know it is them the minute you see those familiar red Converse! Enjoy this performance of "Come Go With Me" if you aren't following them, click on their name above and check them out!!

April 13th

Tonight all of us at #acapocalypse2021 are thrilled to present MHS Voices ReChoired

Marlborough High School's contemporary a cappella group. Enjoy their performance of "Legends Never Die." Click their name above to jump to their page to see even more!!

April 14th

It's #acapocalypse2021 Alumni Wednesday !! This evening, we feature CHS and The Thursdays alumni Sam Segal and his current group The Dissipated Eight from Middlebury College. The D8 made it's debut at the Ides of March Dance, March 15, 1952 (no, that's not a typo - 1952!). Originally a barbershop octet, the group evolved along with modern a cappella in order to incorporate new musical styles. The group never lost sight of it's barbershop roots, maintaining the example of energetic dedication established by the group's founding members. Producing numerous records over the years, the D8 has compiled a vast archive of music from the past five decades.

The group continues to perform all over New England (as well as Bermuda!) at private venues, other colleges, and high schools alike. With 65 years behind them, they look forward to continued success through the blending of traditional and contemporary a cappella.

Enjoy this performance of "Just One Victory"

April 15th

The Crescendos member Eleanor Desmarais (CHS '23) created this video as a birthday gift for her older sister Evelyn, who is also an alumna and founding member of The Crescendos. Eleanor’s first experience with arranging was through a choir project in which she arranged a song with two other members of her class. She decided to take on this song as a solo project. Eleanor says: “I have always been great at harmonizing parts together, even though I can’t read music. “ She credits her mom with helping her to assemble the video.

For #acapocalypse2021 this evening,, we invite you to enjoy Eleanor's performance of "When It's Time."

April 16th

You would never know that PNHS Spectrum was established just a few years ago in 2018. Despite being relatively new to our a Capella community, this all female group from Plymouth North High School has made their presence known from the start. For #acapocalypse2021 this evening we are thrilled to share with you their performance of "Good Life" from this year's ICHSA Quarterfinals. Click on their name above and start following them to enjoy more great performances!

April 17th

Luminescence: is an all-female contemporary a cappella group from Marblehead High School! This fantastic group of vocalists is a constant on the competition scene and is instantly recognizable when they take the stage. Please enjoy their performance of "Fall in Line" from this year's ICHSA Quarterfinals.

April 18th

For Sentimental Sunday, we bring you back to ACA-Pocalypse 2018 and 2019 when

The Nor'easters joined us as our headliner. Arranging, performing, competing, recording, instructing - this incredible group does it all. In recent years two of our own CHS and The Thursdays alumni Abhi Muraleedaran and Arun Venugopal have been members. We were fortunate enough to have them join us for ACA-Pocalypse in the past and look forward to having back in Chelmsford in the future.

For tonight's #acapocalypse2021 feature enjoy their performance of "I Know a Place."

April 19th



is a student-led a cappella group from Natick High School. When enjoying their performances you would never know the group was founded only 5 years ago (2016). They perform lots of oldies and classics, new pop songs, and everything in between, with many original arrangements! They love sharing their music with the community and always appreciates the opportunity to perform. Tonight's #acaposalypse2021 featured performance is their ICHSA Quarterfinal performance of "Back Pocket." Enjoy!!

April 20th


She Major

is Wakefield High School's one and only all treble- voice a cappella group. This fantastic group has brought their style and sound to the competition scene since they were founded in 2014.

For tonight's #acapocalypse2021 feature performance, please enjoy "Royals" from She Major!!! Click the link above to jump to their FB page and follow them for more great performances!

April 21st

Today is #acapocalypse2021 Alumni Wednesday. We are thrilled to feature Vocal Suspects! The Vocal Suspects is the oldest (and funkiest) mixed a cappella group at UMass Amherst. Founded in 1999, The Vocal Suspects have always had a reputation of blending contagious energy with adept musicality. Their arrangements are innovative and electrifying, and over the past two decades, they have continuously reshaped their sound.

The Vocal Suspects

include CHS

The Thursdays

alumni Gina Castellano and Neil Graham.

We are excited to share with you the Vocal Suspects ICCA performance from this year's ICCA competition.

April 22nd



is an a teen a cappella group from Boston's Metro West area who perform regularly at fundraisers, charity events and community events. The group is made up of middle and high school students representing the towns of Medfield, Millis, Sherborn, Needham, West Roxbury, Ashland, Westwood, Norfolk and Holliston. While many would say these young vocalists represent the "future" of a cappella, we like to think they represent the "present" as we see more and more young vocalists sharing their talents. For tonight's featured #acapocalypse21 performance, please enjoy "Somewhere Only We Know" by Trills 'n Chills !!

April 23rd


Tonight's featured performer is Nhyira Nkansah. Nhyira is a member of

The Crescendos

. In her own words "What inspired me was the fact that I have listened to this song on repeat for years, and I really thought I could take it and make it my own. I had no prior experience so it was very off the dome and experimental. To come up with musical elements I listened to the song non-stop trying to dissect all the individual sounds that were used vocally and instrumentally. For the video, I didn’t want to do too much so I made a mini animation of my head with music notes, to represent how this song is something that I am always singing in my head and my take on it represents how I hear the voices in my head sing it. This project is something I’m proud of because it was a challenge, but I pushed through. I’m glad I went through with it!” We invite you to enjoy Nhyira's performance of "On & On"

April 24th



is North Reading HS's coed a cappella group. They travel throughout New England and the United States performing for communities, festivals, and competitions. You know who they are when you see the "green" hit the stage.

For tonight's #acapocalypse2021 featured performance, please enjoy their performance from this year's ICHSA quarterfinals.

April 25th

For those who have been following our virtual #acapocalypse2021 posts all month, you know Sundays are reserved for featured & headlining groups from our previous shows. Tonight we celebrate

Pitch, Please

from Northeastern who was scheduled to be our headliner around this time last year. Fate had a different plan but we still love this group and would love to work with them again in the future (... got any plans Spring 2022?).

When we planned to highlight them today, we had no idea that it would be the same day they were going to release this incredible performance of "Babybird" from ICCA 2021. Enjoy!!

April 26th


CHS juniors Sachi, Lily, and Jackie have been singing this song together since 7th grade! Jackie remarked that ‘we all love La La Land, and City of Stars has a hopeful and dreamy feeling to it. For a trio, it is a great piece to experiment with harmonies and the lyrics “That now, our dreams many finally come true” echo what all of us feel when we sing!”

Sachi has had prior arranging experience writing for The Crescendos along with her class mate Zoe. Their joint arrangement of “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” was part of the group’s 2021 ICHSA set. Jackie has dabbled in arranging, but this was Lily’s first venture.

Jackie had this to say about their creative process: ""Sachi included reverb when mastering the audio for this because it adds an eery, dreamy effect to the arrangement. We all wanted this to be a simple trio with the background voices echoing-as if the stars in the city were beckoning us to find them! We chose an echoing effect to blend feelings of hope, nostalgia, and dreams. Lily put together the video and we chose a color scheme that was similar to the color palette for La La Land: warm and golden twinkling lights to represent stars, deep blue to reflect the uncertainty of the sky/future, and a faded purple to represent a dreamy illusion. The audience should know that this arrangement is not supposed to be extremely involved and complex. It’s simplicity represents the reflective and curious feeling of the song: “City of Stars, are you shining just for me?”

For tonight's #acapocalypse2021 featured performance we invite you to enjoy "City of Stars" from these members of The Crescendos and The Thursdays.

April 27th

As we approach the end of April and with it the end of our Virtual #acapocalypse2021 we at the ACA wanted to take a minute to say "Thank-you" to everyone that is a part of our a cappella community. It has been an honor to be able to share your creativity and musical talents throughout the month. We have three more performances to come as we close out the month, but tonight we wanted to share with you a highlight from ACA-Pocalypse 2019 when Chelmsford's Crescendos and Marblehead's Luminescence took the stage together to perform "The Parting Glass" - a musical representation of this "Community."

Thank you to all of you for sharing your gifts with all of us. We look forward to seeing everyone performing live again soon!

April 28th

Our final Alumni Wednesday of #acapocalypse2021 features

The Rolling Tones from the University of Connecticut and CHS /

The Crescendos alumni Delaney Schiefen. The Rolling Tones are one of UConn's premier coed a cappella groups, bringing you good times and good tones!

We hope everyone has enjoyed our alumni posts this month as much as we have enjoyed sharing them with you. Sit back, relax and enjoy "Still Feel" by The Rolling Tones (and then give them a "like" and follow them)!

April 29th


As we wind down #acapocalypse2021 we are thrilled to debut this performance by

The Crescendos.


 Have you started following them yet ... if you haven't you should so you don't miss their next release!

Tonight, enjoy this incredible performance of "Fools."

April 30th

As we closeout our month long virtual #acapocalypse2021 we are honored to bring you the debut of "Thunderclouds" by The Thursdays


Enjoy this great performance and then give them a "Like" so that you don't miss their future releases!!


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